omg it has been years.

2016-04-07 23:35:38 by datamouth

i havent checked up upon my Newgrounds page in years. Like no joke, YEARS. I dont know what happened. oh well.

heres a little instagram video i made n stuff: 

TRIP - an Instagram short

from on .


Still Movements video!

2012-02-02 14:37:18 by datamouth

oh newgrounds.
it's been quite a while. but i've been busy making things here and there. check out the video below. i shot, edited, and made the music and graphics for it. my friend Hattie was the dancer/choreogrpaher.let me know what you think!i also uploaded some new tracks!

click here to see the video on Vimeo

Still Movements video!

a pile of shirts!

2011-03-02 08:55:50 by datamouth

yes shirts! click link below

datamouth doodles on!

i uploaded some of my drawings and made some shirts. there are many different colors and sizes. i will upload more design soon. if there is a special request "like a specific shirt type and color) let me know and i'll set it up. just send me a message thru Newgrounds! more coming soon!

a pile of shirts!


2010-03-06 12:28:13 by datamouth

it is me. datamouth. how can i not join newgrounds. love/hate this place. probably one of my most motivational web-surfing spots in my life right now. anyways, i'm a doodler and i make musics of some kinds. wanted to share my stuff with the newgrounds community! not much to say other than expect music + drawings from me. don't do much flash animation but you never know! check out my music site here. blargfs.